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“Residential design and construction is a highly interactive process.  Matt manages the work with high degree of professionalism and sensitivity and works exceptionally well with the owners to insure that the home meets their expectations.  He is well organized, honest, and is an excellent communicator.  He enjoys building and enjoys working with his clients.”

-          Richard Cardwell, Architect


“You will appreciate the technical capability his team has and his ability to adapt to challenging conditions.  This is particularly true with the Henry Island project which required nearly three years of thoughtful coordination and construction in a remote area….I would highly recommend Matt.”

-          Mercer Island Client


“The breadth and scope of the project was significant.  Matt was seemingly always available and willing to make the trip over there (Cashmere, WA) to work with subs or work with us all along the way.  I feel Matt and his team took a lot of pride in this project and it showed in their enthusiasm for the vision and quality of the finished work.  I could not recommend Matt and King Construction more enthusiastically.”

-          Mercer Island Client


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Matt King and King Construction on one of my offices biggest projects and on one of our smallest – my own house.”

-          Steve Hoedemaker, Architect


“The finished product is a house that is beautiful, well-crafted and garners compliments from all that enter.  I am quick to direct the credit to Matt and his team; they did a phenomenal job…I cannot recommend Matt and King Construction Highly enough.”

-          Mercer Island Client


“Matt had an excellent attention to detail, coordinated a complex schedule, and was well respected by his crew.  He gave the owner great confidence in the execution of the work.  Perhaps one of his strongest traits is his excellent attitude and easy nature; I really enjoyed working with him.”

-          Eric Walter, Architect


“The attention to detail, level of professionalism and incredible craftsmanship we received…truly blew us away.  We highly recommend Matt King and his team.”

-          Medina Client


“It is without reservation that we would highly recommend King Construction.  It was and continues to be a fantastic experience doing business with such a fine company.”

-          Brett Baba, Architect


“Our firm specializes in a high level of finish and design, and our clientele demands it….we work with the same small group of builders again and again.  Matt is always on our list. ”

-          Sergio Chin-Ley, Architect

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