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Trust is built.


When Matt King started his business in 1999, he knew the kind of construction company he wanted to create.  "Honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of the company. Our clients place a huge amount of trust in us and it's very important to me that we exceed their expectations."

At King Construction, we believe that collaboration between builder, architect and client is paramount to a successful project. "I enjoy the opportunity to sit at the table with all the parties involved and cover every aspect of the project", King says.  A Washington native, and long time resident of Mercer Island, Matt King has proven to be unique in the world of high-end custom home building. Our team of superb craftsman and detail oriented superintendents put clients' expectations and desires first.  

"It's an amazing feeling to create a place for someone to call home.  I am lucky I get to do it for a living."

This new contemporary home on Mercer Island seamlessly combines the strong design elements of steel, glass and stucco, while creating a warm and welcoming family home.

Mercer Island Contemporary

This Richard Cardwell designed craftsman allowed a Mercer Island family to enjoy all the attributes of modern amenities while celebrating an historic home that once shared it's view.

Mercer Island Waterfront

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